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How are you today?
pingu: nobody left fit for the next one tho O_o Sept 26, 2015 23:39:41 GMT
cj: I didn't see nuffin' mate...which match ya mean? Sept 27, 2015 16:22:38 GMT
pingu: Just a little rumble at Twickers nothing important unless you are in the Principality Sept 27, 2015 16:35:12 GMT
cj: Ahhhh, thankfully not the ManU/C footy games. I would have liked to have seen the Twickenham match. Score was close, good game? Remember going to Twicks as a young lad, before they rebuilt the stands... Sept 27, 2015 16:56:24 GMT
PinkFloyd: Oh god, men on pitches kicking / throwing balls about..... I must be the only alpha male on the PLANET who finds that a most boring spectator sport. When discussion turns to "football" I know that I am in a completely alien environment ;) Sept 27, 2015 20:28:43 GMT
cj: Football does make my eyes glaze over but I do watch the odd rugby match here and there despite knowing little about the teams/players/what-have-you. The worst spectator sports for me are tennis, golf, cricket and snooker, real razor blade on wrist stuff! Sept 27, 2015 21:44:32 GMT
hifidez: I am lacking the male 'sports' gene. Just don't see what it's all about. When I moved to what was my new sales area a while back I had a prolonged handover with the guy who managed the area before me. Sept 28, 2015 17:48:26 GMT
hifidez: I had to 'wait in the wings' while my coleague and the customer did a 'data exchange'; how did your tream do, who was taken off, who's the new manager/trainer and so on. What is this footabll culture all about? F'd if I know. It's like the Masons. Sept 28, 2015 17:51:46 GMT
cj: Then there are those customers who are surprised you know little about it and have even less interest. Yep, done sales too... Sept 28, 2015 17:57:46 GMT
hifidez: Yep :-) I too like the occasional rugby match. There's stuff going on all the time. Unlike a footy match where nothing can happen for an hour and a half. Mind you, nothing much happening can apply to British movies. Like Brief Encounter... Sept 28, 2015 19:20:11 GMT
hifidez: Nothing happens! Absolutely nothing. But WHAT a movie! ...Sorry, 'film'. Little happens, and in black and white too. Love it. Sept 28, 2015 19:22:11 GMT
PinkFloyd: I am really looking forward to the rowing season...... "coxed pairs" get me tenting every time...... Oh god please slash my jugular vein when I am sleeping........... Sept 28, 2015 21:56:36 GMT
PinkFloyd: Brief encounter rocks and is an absolute classic Derek..... Sept 28, 2015 21:58:59 GMT
cj: There's always the 10,000m run, wow that's exci....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Sept 28, 2015 22:07:01 GMT
PinkFloyd: Sept 28, 2015 22:23:12 GMT
hifidez: Had trouble getting it to run - gave up. I bought it on DVD ages ago; haven't watched it yet. Sept 30, 2015 13:52:42 GMT
PinkFloyd: There's a really funny French film called "Delicattesen" that is worth watching.... the best I can come up with on youtube is a Spanish translated version of it: Oct 1, 2015 20:10:49 GMT
PinkFloyd: Get yourself the original French copy (With English translation / if you are not au fait with the french language) Well worth 90 minutes of your life ;) Oct 1, 2015 20:16:27 GMT
vietzay: Travel to Laos? On my own or on a tour: what do you think about this offers, helps appreciated if any of you have been to Laos: Oct 2, 2015 4:19:17 GMT
hifidez: I'll follow up on that recommendation Mike :-) Oct 3, 2015 8:03:57 GMT