REALLY brave, man jokes.


How are you today?
jamesfeline: yep still raining Jul 28, 2015 20:53:49 GMT
jamesfeline: at least my log cabin is nice and warm Jul 28, 2015 20:54:33 GMT
cj: We have a very warm night at 30c now! (01:30) Jul 28, 2015 23:31:47 GMT
PinkFloyd: Win 10 downloading now..... progress 11%........ let's hope this isn't a waste of time. Jul 30, 2015 19:58:45 GMT
cj: Sounds slow, what the PC's spec? Jul 30, 2015 20:35:20 GMT
PinkFloyd: 84% now Chris...... it's a beast of a machine but the Highlands DL rate is 6MBPS Jul 30, 2015 20:41:00 GMT
PinkFloyd: Yes.... "six" megabytes per second with a more realistic 900kbps DL speed Jul 30, 2015 20:42:08 GMT
sandyk: Mine is now hitting a max DL speed from Usenet of just over 6 Megabytes/s, but tests up to just over 100Megabits, During peak periods even lower than Mike's 900kilobits. I have Win 10 reserved but no advice yet. Jul 30, 2015 21:18:22 GMT
cj: On a good day I get 12MB but at the weekend it drops to under 1MB for most of the 48/60 hours. Jul 30, 2015 21:26:22 GMT
hifidez: I get between 6 and 8 megabytes per second and we're not on the list to get 'superfast broadband' I hear. Currently on 71% W10 download; seems to be progressing, albeit slowly. Jul 31, 2015 14:51:45 GMT
cj: I'm holding off. Things like "will my printer/scanner still work?" trouble me. So far Epson have said "don't know" !! Jul 31, 2015 16:24:43 GMT
PinkFloyd: I've decided to stay with Win 7..... there's nothing in win 10 that I need and the "last" thing I need right now is a totally alien download that "may" cock up what I have spent a few months setting up. Do I really need "Cortana"? Erm, nope...... Jul 31, 2015 20:06:46 GMT
PinkFloyd: I'd rather type my search query in..... I don't want the likes of Microsoft listening to me shouting out "porn please! ;) What has this world come to..... closer to the end than the beginning I fear..... Jul 31, 2015 20:10:38 GMT
videoguy: Win 7 is a very stable O.S., it is what I use in my video editing computer w adobe CS 6. I never take a chance on Micros. latest & greatest as they are usually a work in progress. My ISP says 10 disables the normal MS browser for their latest wonder. Aug 1, 2015 3:45:55 GMT
cj: " Do I really need "Cortana"?" naaah, wot u want is a Cortina guv, a nice MKii 1600E, larrrrrvly. Aug 1, 2015 11:29:55 GMT
chris53: Maybe I have been lucky but everything works in Windows 10 so far. Tried Cortana but I can't shout "Porn Please" or the missus will hear so I disabled it. ;) Aug 1, 2015 15:16:57 GMT
chris53: Videoguy: I still have IE 11 as well as "Edge". It didn't disable it for me. It isn't listed in the "Aps" but I already had a short cut to it. Aug 1, 2015 15:19:31 GMT
PinkFloyd: Can't you whisper "porn please" to Cortana, I'm sure she would be a lot more accommodating..... "SHOUTING!" or demanding sex is usually frowned upon by the female sex Chris ;) Aug 1, 2015 22:06:31 GMT
chris53: So that's why I am still a virgin. :( Aug 2, 2015 7:07:32 GMT
cj: If you have a touch screen.... :-* Aug 2, 2015 13:12:53 GMT