JLH Ripple Eater Build and Support Thread


How are you today?
jamesfeline: :) Jul 25, 2015 14:38:47 GMT
cj: :-/ melting... Jul 25, 2015 18:11:28 GMT
videoguy: Also melting in Central Fla. It's a killer cleaning out a garage in this weather! Jul 25, 2015 20:48:35 GMT
PinkFloyd: 12C and pissing it down with water (as per) Jul 25, 2015 21:21:54 GMT
PinkFloyd: It's Scotland after all...... Jul 25, 2015 21:25:12 GMT
sandyk: A sunny winter's day in Sydney.12c now at 8.05 AM with 22c forecast !!! Max. 16 for Mon. and 18 Tues. though. Jul 25, 2015 22:06:46 GMT
jamesfeline: bloody raining in essex uk Jul 26, 2015 9:54:38 GMT
colinwonfor: Wet here in Southend on Sea also, was going to BBQ today,but can't find Aqualung and Flippers :'( Jul 26, 2015 11:08:27 GMT
cj: We're set to go hotter from Monday, official met says 34 today, local reading says 39, rising by 5 more tomorrow, ooooooooh, betty swollocks! Jul 26, 2015 12:10:39 GMT
PinkFloyd: Still raining...... does anyone have some spare rope? Jul 26, 2015 21:05:51 GMT
sandyk: You could always try a plastic bag over your head with sticky tape around the bottom ! Jul 28, 2015 11:43:54 GMT
sandyk: Come on Mike, you will snap out of this when you arri8ve at your holiday destination. Jul 28, 2015 11:45:52 GMT
cj: I was going to lend you some of my rope but it's sun damaged and will probably snap under the weight (rofl) . Ho Chi Minh up Mike, you'll soon be (Sai)gone, god DaNang it'll be hot, with strange music over the Hanoi system, enjoy! Jul 28, 2015 13:40:08 GMT
PinkFloyd: Probably straight of the freezer into the frying pan knowing my luck Chris.... I'll send you a postcard if I'm not too hot to write ;) Jul 28, 2015 20:38:01 GMT
PinkFloyd: Straight out of the freezer even.......... typo Jul 28, 2015 20:38:36 GMT
jamesfeline: yep still raining Jul 28, 2015 20:53:49 GMT
jamesfeline: at least my log cabin is nice and warm Jul 28, 2015 20:54:33 GMT
cj: We have a very warm night at 30c now! (01:30) Jul 28, 2015 23:31:47 GMT